Should You Go Gluten Free?

Health coach Carey Peters tells how to navigate the gluten free craze by teaching the easiest and healthiest ways to swap out foods for gluten-free versions and which ones to avoid.


The ultimate comfort food—GlutenFree U’s better than going to a Shrink Mac N’ Cheese!


The hardest challenge in going gluten-free is not having to sacrifice the foods you love. At GlutenFree U®, we’re constantly being asked to try and recreate recipes that all of us can’t seem to live without, and of course, the #1 request is Mac N’ Cheese. It is the all time favorite, better than going to a Shrink comfort food.

Our GF version uses Sam’s Mills Corn Pasta (penne). Trader Joe’s also has a store brand that cooks up great. (No, these are not paid endorsements. lol) Cook it al dente, so that it’s nice and firm when it bakes up at 350 degrees. There are several GF pastas on the market —rice, quinoa, a multi-grain version of rice, quinoa and amaranth, but we prefer the corn pasta. It has that wonderful yellow Mac N’ Cheese color and a great texture (not grainy or gritty). I should also mention that this recipe is from our food service workshop, so it serves 10. The good news is, is that it keeps and actually tastes even better the next day. Enjoy!