GlutenFree U® is an exciting new startup that is championing gluten-free and healthier food options for today’s families. The good news is going gluten-free no longer means giving up the foods you love or eating things that taste like cardboard.

Currently we’re involved in several new projects including a GlutenFree U® iBook. Chock full with recipes under the direction of Chef David Ivey-Soto. Appetizers & Snacks, Side Dishes & Soups, Global Cuisine, Comfort Food, and Desserts—we bring gourmet food that is approachable and tested to the project.

In addition, we’re launching a college tour across America, helping schools make the grade on the subject of Gluten-free. This is a comprehensive 2-day continuing education workshop for Executive Chefs and Foodservice professionals who will come away with an in-depth knowledge on bringing gluten-free to their kitchens.

Stay tuned for more mouth-watering news!

Barb Dickey, Marketing & Business Development, GlutenFree U®



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